A lil’ bit of something g l o r i o u s

This is one of my first mixed media pieces for a while….what do you guys think? I’ve decided that I’m going to start uploading pictures of some of my ‘art’ onto here, so if you’re liking what you’re seeing with this one, then hopefully you’ll continue to like some of my others! 

I particularly like the idea of layering up paint, magazine clippings and also the use of homemade stamps – the irregularity of what outcome you get is magnificent because you never can tell 100% what the colours are going to turn out like or what texture the paint will dry in until the very end.

It’s also a great excuse to use when I make a horrible mistake that ruins the entire thing…I’m just layering up, it’s all in the technique! 

A lil’ bit of something g l o r i o u s

Getting on it

I am actually doing surprisingly well at sticking to my new years resolutions – there are a lot of them, which I always think is best because then there’s more chance of keeping to at least one or two.

I’ve been going hard with the fitness thing, which unfortunately clashes with my ‘stop buying everything you see’ resolution, as I have to buy things to use in my workouts – which is understandable, right?

Yesterday I did a 35 minute all body workout, 25 minutes running and walking on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the rowing machine and 10 minutes on the cross trainer. I was definitely feeling it this morning, especially when I was driving to work and pushed my foot down to change gear and it felt like my muscles had torn straight in half.

I’m actually enjoying it though, and I never thought I’d actually say that! Once you feel the difference in how long you can run without wanting to die just spurs you on to get better. And also encourages you not to drink all your calories through wine or cider ( which I used to drink most nights! Bloody alcoholic).

My most extravagant purchase in my bid to be the fittest gal in Torbay, is my Jawbone Up24 – for those of you who don’t know, it is a fitness wristband that helps you become a better version of yourself ( you can tell I am easily sold on cheesy catch lines ). I got it at a very good price and it should arrive tomorrow, I am a bit too excited about this.

Today’s workout is being postponed until tonight, as my friend is going to come over and use our little gym with me, everyone says it’s best to get fit with friends!

How are your new years resolutions going anyway? Now we’re almost a couple weeks into January you can really start to tell which ones were just far too ambitious to begin with, and need to be pushed aside with a single swift kick.

Getting on it

Happy New Year all!

Hello 2015, it’s bloody marvellous to see you! 2014 was OK, it started brilliantly with a 5 week tour across the USA but then of course once I got home, reality kicked in and I needed to make a decision on what to do with my life… Which I have worked out, for the next year anyway.


What did you all get up to last night then? New Years always feels like there’s so much for it to live up to. Me and my friends decided to have a little party round mine, with cocktails (well, large quantities of spirit mixed with copius amounts of fruit juice – so they were kind of like cocktails) pizza and cake! It was glorious.  By midnight we were all in bed watching telly laughing our heads off – it was perfect! As far as New Year’s Eve festivities go, it was right up there. Here are some pics to give you some idea…

This weekend I will be getting the keyboard back out, and when I’m not sounding too terrible I’ll upload a clip so there’s proof I’m actually practising! And it will give me motivation, hopefully…

Have an awesome rest of your New Years! 💃💃

Happy New Year all!

I am going workout regularly and get fit…. I AM I AM I AM!

I know this is kind of cliche, ‘I’m going to start the year with a new exercise regime and FINALLY get fit.’ I am shamelessly doing just this, along with probably 80% of the country, but I don’t care. I’ve bought new trainers today (really any excuse to go and shop), fortunately for me I’ve had this fitness idea before so already had the rest of the gear. Here are my new Nikes, aren’t they the most gorgeous colour?


They’re super bouncy, light-weight and were in the sale (£30.00, bargain amiright?) so everyone’s a winner. I thought I’d break them in as soon as I got home, here is me looking super sexy (pah!) and raring to go…

exercise one

Fortunately for me and everyone who lives in the surrounding area, I am lucky enough to have a treadmill at home, so no need to grace the neighborhood with my sweaty self flailing past their windows.

And before anyone says, I am happy with my weight – it’s not the reason I want to do this. I mainly want to not feel so exhausted walking up my stairs, or when I’m running to the fridge during an ad break in the evenings… I basically want to feel fitter, become more toned everywhere and lead a healthier lifestyle that I have done thus far.

Here is me 25 minutes later….

exercise 2

You’ve got to keep smiling, right?!

What’s even more scary is that I’ve managed to let myself get talked into doing the Torbay Half Marathon this Summer (13 miles!!!!) with my boyfriend Will. He did it last year and said it was a brilliant atmosphere and a great achievement…so I’m going to do it too! It’s not until the end of June so that gives me almost 5 whole months to train, so I should be fine!! I’m going to get sponsored too, I haven’t decided what charity yet but it will definitely be one for animal welfare.

I also tried ‘planking’ for the first time ever, and it almost killed me! I set my phone up with a stopwatch, thinking I’d be there at least a few minutes – 30 seconds! That’s how long I lasted, good grief.

I am going workout regularly and get fit…. I AM I AM I AM!

I need this…I need it now!

Can someone make this for me? I don’t really know what it is, some sort of candy. If you comment below I’ll email you all the relevant shipping information for you to get this to me. What was that? What’s in it for you? How about knowing that you have made someone the happiest blogger in the world for the ten seconds it’s going to take me to devour it completely? Is that enough? I think it is.



I need this…I need it now!